2015.09.10 16:25

Corner clip, paper clip

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corner clip_190.jpg


 - Product description
  . It is designed to repalce existing methods to bind paper
  . It does not make holes in paper, so it keeps documents in good condition
  . It does not require any additional tools
  . It can bind up to 150 sheets of paper as well as a few sheets of paper at one time
 - Specification
  . Model: Corner clip
  . Color : Green, Orange, White, Gray
  . Package : set of 4 clips


 - How to use
  . Pull up two springs at an angle of 90 degrees against the triangle paddle   
  . Lift up the triangle paddle to insert paper
  . Put the paper in the end if the triangle paddle
  . Put down the upper triangle paddle and push hard, push the spring down with your other hand
  . Put the other spring down likewise
  . Certificate of origin : South Korea


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