As scissors or cutter are used in daily life, people are exposed to numerous safety accidents.
Children and even adults open suffer from injuries with negligent due to cutters and scissors
that they use. This cutter prevents accidents due to minor negligent and even protects users
from their pockets when it is used. It is based on innovative patent inventions.


 - Product description
  . Safe scissors,cutter
  . It cuts off paper on by pushing force
  . It protects users from any types of injury at any time
 - Specification
  . Model: Zero cutter R2 type
  . Dimension : 99 * 48 * 5 (mm)
  . Color : Green, Orange
  . Material : Stainless steel, Plastic


 - Characteristics
  . There is no risk for injury or accident at all
  . It is easy to be used by everyone
  . Movement and cutting are performed simultaneously
  . User can cut objects correctly not just by stright line and curve but also by
    severe acute angle.
  . It helps intellectual growth of children who need coordination motion by both hands
  . Easy move of cutter, everybody makes use without difficulty
  . Left handed people can use just like right handed people
  . Patented products
  . Certificate of origin : South Korea


*** Precautions

※ This product is designed to cut paper.
※ Do not attempt to cut a hard board, plastic board or steel plate. It can damage the blades.
※ It is not suitable for cutting wet paper, soft vinyl or fabrics.
※ If the cutter gets stuck, pull back the blade and cut again.
※ Do not dismantle. Sharp blades can hurt you.
※ This product’s blades cannot be replaced.


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