This pencil case is the only electronic pencil case with lock box
in the world. It's a refined digital stationary product with
LED buttons, designed to carry easily. It prevents you from losing
personal collections and allows you to keep your own secret.


 - Product  description
  . Electronic  pencil case
  . Smart pencil case
  . Digital stationary product with LED buttons
  . Electronic lock box with the cover opening with
    your own password.
 - Specification
  . Model : Smart pencil case
  . Size :  220 X 75 X 35 mm
  . Weight : 360g
  . Color : black, blue, green, violet, pink
  . Material : ABS


 - Characteristics
  . Any characters and photos can be framed into the case
  . Game functions using buttons and LED
  . Vibration motor providing touching feel
  . Touch sensor using pattern recognition
  . Board plate for memo
  . Low battery consumption
  . Patented product
  . Certificate of origin : South Korea


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