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It's new and innovative way to cut your baby's nail.
Babies are not scared as they hear no sound and
the trimming blade hidden for safety


 - Product  Description
  . It is new concept of nail clipper for baby
  . Designed for safety and ease of use
  . The blade is hidden for safety.
 - Specification
  . Model : Panda nail clipper 
  . Size :  45*45*9 mm
  . Weight :  13g
  . Color : Black, Pink
  . Material : Carbon steel, ABS



 - Characteristics
  . Easy to use
  . Safety nail clipper
  . Blade slides unlike a traditional nail clipper.
  . Use nail file on the back side to smooth out nail
  . With gentle pressure align the natural curve of nail
  . Patented products
  . Age : from 5 to 36 months
  . Certificate of origin : South Korea


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