It is LED image light that displays diverse such as letters and images in the space with light.
It was designed with champagne glass as a motiv and desired contents of letters and
images can be displayed anywhere, including ceiling,wall and floor with diverse contents filters.


 - Product  description
  . LED image light with contents filter
  . Contents filter is replaceable and can convey diverse messages
  . To focus the image, rotate the focus ring until the image is clear


 - Specification
  . Model : NDE401W
  . Size :  115*115*250mm
  . Gross Weight : 850g
  . Voltage : DC 5V, 1A
  . LED : 3W / Pure white
  . Package : LED light, contents filter(6pcs), micro 5 pin, wall mount hook, instruction manual

  . Material : ABS,Al


 - Characteristics
  . Contents filter can be custom-made for users who want specific phrased or designs
  . Bend the body of the unit to shine the light to where desired
  . Use electrostatic touch switch
  . Various kinds of images and texts can be expressed by light, messages can be
    conveyed by the lighting
  . Usage : light event, advertising PR lighting, interior pattern lighting, mood lighting
    and indirect lighting such as sleeping lighting depending on the content contained filter   
  . Support customizing contents filter for promotional material, gift         
  . Certificate of Origin : South Korea








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