2015.08.17 17:12

Cleaner strap




Holds with cleaner strap to secure a smartphone or mobile phone
from dropping accidently. Finest quality of microfiber which can
be used to clean wide screen of smartphones.


 - Product  description
  . Cleaner strap  to secure a smartphone
  . Clean screen of smartphone
  . Remove fingerprints and residue from the screen
  . Compatible with any 3.5mm earphone jacks
 - Specification
  . Model : Silo cleaner  strap
  . Size : 110*13 mm          
  . Material : microfiber(Chamude)


 - Characteristics
  . Premium quality chamude material
  . Works with phone, camera, mp3 players, etc
  . Used as strap, cleaner, gift, event and promotion
  . Support 3D logo printing and various color
  . Certificate of origin : South Korea

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