Healing gear is evaporative humidifier, assembly process is fun and functional.
There are different shapes such as trees and fruits, vegetables and animals.
Depending on the ambient humidity is naturally humid.

 - Product description
   . Nonwoven humidifier
   . Natural evaporative humidifier
   . Non electric humidifier


 - Specification
   . Model : Cactus
   . Dimention:17.5*8*25 mm
   . Weight: 250g
   . Color : Dark green, Light green
   . Pot color : White, Red
   . Material :Nonwoven,ABS,Silicone


 - Characteristics
   . It is the first humidifier that contains botanical feature
   . Energy efficient natural vaporazing tabeltop humdifier
   . DIY natural formula vaporazing humidifier in various colors and design
   . The unique humidifiers combile with Do-It-Yourself edge to make them both
     cool and functional.
   . Certificate of origin : South Korea



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