2014.03.25 18:41

Coaster stand

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Coaster stand for Smartphone.
It accommodates a mobile phone vertically or horizontally, and works with any
cellphone or smartphone models in the market. It can be used as a cup holder,
gift and promotion.


 - Product  description
  . Coaster stand for Smartphones
  . It is used rubber elasticity
  . Easy to notice pop-up messages
 - Specification
  . Model : Coaster stand
  . Size :  82*82 mm
  . Color : various
  . Material : PVC rubber


 - Characteristics
  . Easy to use
  . Useful when watching moives and Youtube
  . Advertising content is constantly exposed
  . Used as a coaster, gift, promotion
  . Durable high quality and soft texture
  . Support silk printing and various color
  . Certificate of origin : South Korea














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